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Please note that although the images come from my other podcast, the “One Verse Podcast”, the subscription details are all the same. Podcast

Each episode of runs about one hour, and there will be two episodes published each month.

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Here is a brief tutorial about how to subscribe to in iTunes.

1. Click here to go to on iTunes.

You will find yourself on a screen that looks like the one below. If you do not have iTunes on your computer or device, you will be invited to download it. It is free, and you will also be asked to create a free account.

If iTunes is installed, click the blue button to Subscribe to the Podcast in iTunes.

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Once the actual iTunes program opens up, you can subscribe to the One Verse Podcast by clicking the button which says “Subscribe.”

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Once you do this, every new episode will be automatically downloaded to your computer or device, and you can listen to it whenever and wherever you want!

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