love makes the world go round

[#23] – Brian Zahnd – Going with the Grain of Love

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What is the basic guiding principle of the universe? Do you know?

It’s important to know, because if we are unaware of how God created this universe to function, and we try to go against the grain that God built into the universe, life will be more difficult for us. If we are trying to live life with God, then life with God is so much easier and more enjoyable if we are going with the flow that God built into life.

So are you curious to know what God’s guiding principle is? Do you want to know how you can go with the flow in God’s kingdom? In this episode, Brian Zahnd tells us more.

You have probably heard it said that “Love makes the world go round.” But this is more than just sentimental statement about love. This is a biblical and theological fact.

Love is built into the universe. It is the defining characteristic of God, and everything God says and does is from a motivation of love. Brian Zahnd says that love is the grain of the universe.

What this means is that if we want to cooperate with God in this world, then we too must begin and end with love. If we do not love, then we will be going against the grain of the universe, and even against the grain of God, and we should not expect good things to come from this.

going with the grainOne interesting point in this sermon is Zahnd’s point about the wrath of God. We often think of the wrath of God as God’s active punishment or judgment upon sinners. But this is not the wrath of God. The wrath of God, according to Brian Zahnd is the natural consequence of trying to live in a way that is opposed to love. Since the basic law of the universe is love, we should not be surprised when the universe tears us to shreds when we live in hate. It’s like gravity. The law of gravity pulls you down, and we could say that God created the law of gravity. But if I jump off a cliff, it would be foolish to say that God killed me when I hit the ground bottom. No, the law of gravity and my own foolish decision to ignore this law is what killed me. It is the same with the law of love and the wrath of God. Go against love if you will, but do not be surprised when your lack of love creates pain in your life. But this pain is not “from God.” No, it is from your own lack of love.

There is so much in this sermon about love, I invite you listen to it. The story at the end about the killings of communists in Indonesia was especially insightful, as it helps us understand how we can learn to love those we normally love to hate.

How are you learning to love others in your life? How are you learning to go with the grain of love?

Most importantly, if loving our enemies is a defining characteristic of the follower of Jesus, how are you learning to show love to your enemies? Give your input, ideas, and suggestions in the comment section below.

love makes the world go round