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[#17] – Greg Boyd – The Twilight Zone (Colossians 3:13)

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Lots of people have a view of God which makes them think God will only love them as long as they obey Him and do what He says. If they mess up, God will hate them, and potentially send them to suffer in hell for eternity.

But imagine this sort of love in any other human relationship. If a father said to his daughter, “I love you so much … but if you disobey me, I will smash your head in with a hammer,” what would you think of that father? You would probably try to get the daughter taken away from him.

Yet that is the sort of father many people think God is like.

In this sermon by Greg Boyd, we see a different portrayal of God. God is not like the God presented in an old episode of the Twilight Zone, but is instead a God who looks and acts and loves exactly like Jesus Christ.

Greg Boyd Twilight ZoneThe way Greg Boyd describes God in this episode is also the way I portray God in my book, The Atonement of God. In it, I show you how to view God through the crucifixion of Jesus to help you see that God is always loving, always forgiving, and always gracious and kind. If you ever wonder if God loves you, forgives you, or accepts you, I invite you get my book on Amazon and see God in a whole new light.

Greg Boyd’s message presents this view of God as well.







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    worth the listen … [#17] – Greg Boyd – The Twilight Zone (Colossians 3:13) via @jeremyers1