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Jeremy Myers is the host of, and he subscribes to dozens of podcasts from various teachers and pastors around the world. He then picks the best of these messages, teachings, and sermons to pass on to you.

As you can see at the top of the page, Jeremy has received permission people like Greg Boyd, Brian Zahnd, Wayne Jacobsen, and Darin Hufford to rebroadcast their messages on

More speakers will be added soon, and if you have one you would like to recommend, go to the about page and fill out the form near the bottom.

About the Introductory Episode of

In this introductory episode, Jeremy explains what sort of teachings he is looking for to include on

Though theology is sort of a Christian cuss-word to many people, Jeremy not only explains why theology is so important, but also that the most important thing to remember about theology is that we must not take ourselves too seriously.

This is illustrated by a parable about theology from Robert Farrar Capon which can be read on Jeremy’s blog: A Parable by Robert Farrar Capon.


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