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Kathy Escobar Interview – Breaking the Church Addiction

[app_audio src=”″][contentblock id=9 img=html.png]I recently interviewed Kathy Escobar. Here are the questions I asked her:

1. You wear a lot of hats. I mentioned several a few seconds ago. Pastor, wife, mother, author, blogger, professor, teacher, leader… Anything I need to add to that, and how do you find the time to do it all?

2. Tell us a bit about The Refuge and your role there.

3. Tell us about your story out of the megachurch and into the eclectic community in which you now find yourself.

4. You’ve seen it all as far as church is concerned… big church, small church, rich church, poor church …. I wonder if could speak a bit to each group…. Let’s start with the big and rich megachurches. If you could sit down with the staff of those churches, or maybe with some of the people who attend those churches, what would you say? How would you encourage them? How would you challenge them?

5. How about to the staff or members of a small church?

6. Anything to home churches or organic churches?

7. How about to the fastest-growing group of Jesus-followers in the United States today … the so-called “Dones.” A recent study by Josh Packard who is a sociologist at the University of North Colorado found that of the 210 million US adults, 65 million of them used to attend church, but no longer do. However, these 65 million have not abandoned Jesus. Instead, over 30 million of them still strongly identify themselves as Christians and think of themselves as followers of Jesus and still engage in various forms of spiritual disciples and practices. The study said that this group grows by 2.7 million people each year. They get their title because they’re not Done with Jesus, they’re just Done with the church as it is traditionally practiced here in the United States. A lot of my listening audience are part of this group, so what would you say to them?

addicted to church

8. This podcast is primarily a podcast about theology, so I wonder if you could summarize your approach to ministry and theology with just one main idea, one truth, one conviction. What idea or theme surfaces in your life and your ministry over and over in your pastoral work, your writing, and your speaking?

9. Where can people find you online, how can they connect with you, and how can they get your books?








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    a recent podcast with @jeremyers1 about church & dones & more. Kathy Escobar Interview–Breaking the Church Addiction

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    RT @kathyescobar: a recent podcast with @jeremyers1 about church & dones & more. Kathy Escobar Interview–Breaking the Church Addiction http…

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    Tara Miller

    I’m a huge fan of Kathy – really appreciate her honesty and vulnerability. I think The Refuge sounds amazing and hope to find a community similar to that close to where I live.