lets talk about sex

[#19] Darin Hufford – What About Sex

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In this episode, Darin and Hans talk about … sex!

Well, actually, they talk about talking about sex.

For some reason, Christians think that talking about sex is taboo and so we are ashamed to talk about it in our preaching and teaching, and in our conversations with friends and families.

However, I firmly believe that it is because of this shame and fear that there are so many problems with sexual issues in the church today. If we cannot talk about sexual issues out in the open, then sexual issues and temptations can never be dealt with in an open and honest manner.

This is sort of what Darin and Hans discuss in this episode of Theology.fm.

So listen in as they talk about sex.

lets talk about sex







3 responses to “[#19] Darin Hufford – What About Sex”

  1. Tessa McKnight Avatar
    Tessa McKnight

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I totally agree with what you said!

  2. Jęff Hęndrįx Avatar

    What is so problematic for this generation is how companies have perfected how 2 grab our attention so quickly n reach everyone

  3. Edward T. Babinski Avatar
    Edward T. Babinski

    Most converts to Evangelical Christianity are in their mid teens, when their hormones and idealism kicks in. Christianity since its beginning has excelled at channeling a lot of sexual energy into church and evangelistic energy.