Adam Ericksen

[#20] Adam Ericksen Interview on Mimetic Theory

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In this episode of, I interview Adam Ericksen about Mimetic Theory. If you want to better understand Scripture, theology, God, yourself, politics, culture, and pretty much everything else, listen to this podcast episode.

Adam Ericksen

Adam Ericksen is the Education Director at the Raven Foundation, as well as a writer and frequent speaker at conferences and churches. His articles have been featured in Time Magazine and Sojourners. Adam recently delivered the Baccalaureate Address at his alma mater, Linfield College. In his writings, Adam explores the intersections of mimetic theory, current events, religion, and popular culture.

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  1. Vaughn Bender Avatar

    [#20] Adam Ericksen Interview on Mimetic Theory via @jeremyers1

  2. Adam Ericksen Avatar

    So much fun! Thank you, Jeremy.