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Darin Hufford – Spirit Eyes

[app_audio src=”″][contentblock id=6 img=html.png]Have you ever encountered Jesus while reading Harry Potter or watching a movie like The Matrix? I have.

Have you ever learning something astonishing about God and His creation by reading TIME magazine or listening to music by P!nk? This has happened to me.

In today’s show, we get an explanation from Darin Hufford about why this happens and how it can happen more.

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The Work of the Holy Spirit in the World

A while back, I wrote an article called “Dear World, I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?” In the article I stated that while I used to think I knew the Bible and had all the answers about Jesus, and the dark and sinful world could learn a lot if they just listened to me, in recent years, I have begun to recognize that I know nothing about Scripture, theology, and following Jesus, and most the things I now know to be really true about Jesus, I have learned from people who do not claim to follow Jesus in any way, shape, or form.

And so I was thrilled to hear Darin and Hans say in this podcast what I have come to believe more and more: That the Spirit of God is at work all around us all the time in the lives of all people, and that if we just have spiritual eyes to see and ears to hear, we will be blown away with how much people who have no relationship whatsoever with Christianity know about Jesus.

When we start to recognize this, it is our privilege as followers of Jesus, not to lead people to Jesus or even to teach people about Jesus, but rather to simply tell them that the traits they already value, the things they are already teaching, the truths they already know … is Jesus.

Learning About Jesus

Can I say something shocking? In the last decade or so, I have come to see Jesus more clearly by watching certain movies, by reading certain books, by listening to certain music, and by observing certain people than I have often learned by reading the Bible or listening to a sermon.

Do not misunderstand. This does not denigrate Scripture, or put these other people and what they say on par with Scripture. No.

open my eyesWhat this indicates to me is that Jesus is drawing everything in His wake.

That people all over the world are waking up to the reality of the new creation inaugurated by Jesus.

That the Spirit of God is blowing where He will, and whispering the truth to all.

And art, books, movies, plays, and even our pagan next-door neighbor or our Muslim co-worker reveals clear signs that Jesus has revealed Himself to them, and is drawing them ever closer to Him.

Listen to this podcast by Darin Hufford to learn more.

Harry Potter vs. the Bible

In this episode, Darin and Hans discuss a quote from Brandon Armstrong. It was this: “If you read the Bible without the Holy Spirit, it’s as valuable as reading the Sunday newspaper; if you read the Bible with the Holy Spirit, it’s as valuable as reading Harry Potter with the Holy Spirit.”

seeing as God seesThat sort of statement is going to ruffle a lot of feathers, and I would not have said it exactly the same way, but I like the point that ended up coming out of it: It’s all about the Holy Spirit and how He is able to redeem and use anything to glorify Jesus Christ, draw us closer to God, and teach us about who we are.

So as you go about your day, as you read your books, listen to the radio, or talk with friends, keep an eye out for what the Spirit wants to show you and teach you through your normal, everyday events.

And if you want to weigh in on this idea, or share a story about how the Spirit helped you see or learn something, you can do so in the show notes for this episode.



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    Can you learn about God by reading Harry Potter? with @DarinHufford

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    Can you learn about God by reading Harry Potter? with @DarinHufford