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  • [#28] Interview with Ed Underwood

    [#28] Interview with Ed Underwood

    In this discussion with Ed Underwood, we talk about church ministry, the gospel, and what Recentered.Life is all about.

  • [#27] Interview with Tom Walter

    [#27] Interview with Tom Walter

    I was recently interviewed by Tom Walter for his Life Uncut Podcast. This is a replay of Part 1 of that podcast. Subscribe to his podcast to also listen to Part 2.

  • [#26] Interview with Thom Schultz

    [#26] Interview with Thom Schultz

    In this interview, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Thom Schultz, CEO of Group Publishing, and host of The Holy Soup Podcast, about the so-called epidemic of biblical illiteracy in the church today.

  • [#25] Kathy Escobar – 8 Ways to Shrink a Church

    [#25] Kathy Escobar – 8 Ways to Shrink a Church

    In this episode, Kathy Escobar and Karl Wheeler discuss their experiences in church planting, and discuss the 8 mistakes they made in their 10 years of pastoral ministry. If you are involved in church leadership, this humorous and insightful discussion will be helpful to you.

  • [#24] Darin Hufford – Jesus Camp

    [#24] Darin Hufford – Jesus Camp

    Many of our churches are little more than places where spiritual and religious abuse is heaped upon people week in and week out. People are manipulated and controlled in the name of God to act a certain way, think certain things, and live a certain way. This documentary called Jesus Camp shows what sometimes happens to adults as well.

  • [#23] – Brian Zahnd – Going with the Grain of Love

    [#23] – Brian Zahnd – Going with the Grain of Love

    It’s important to know, because if we are unaware of how God created this universe to function, and we try to go against the grain that God built into the universe, life will be more difficult for us. If we are trying to live life with God, then life with God is so much easier and more enjoyable if we are going with the flow that God built into life. So are you curious to know what God’s guiding principle is? Do you want to know how you can go with the flow in God’s kingdom? In this episode, Brian Zahnd tells us more.

  • [#22] Wayne Jacobsen – Interview on the Nomad Podcast

    [#22] Wayne Jacobsen – Interview on the Nomad Podcast

    Listen to this interview to get all your questions answered about following Jesus outside of institutional Christianity.

  • [#21] Kathy Escobar – Navigating Gay Marriage

    [#21] Kathy Escobar – Navigating Gay Marriage

    You likely have strong feelings about gay marriage, and you likely know that there are people who have opposite opinions. How can we love each other through these differences? This episode of Theology.fm discusses some ways.

  • [#20] Adam Ericksen Interview on Mimetic Theory

    [#20] Adam Ericksen Interview on Mimetic Theory

    In this episode of Theology.fm, I interview Adam Erickson about Mimetic Theory. If you want to better understand Scripture, theology, God, yourself, politics, culture, and pretty much everything else, listen to this podcast episode.

  • [#19] Darin Hufford – What About Sex

    [#19] Darin Hufford – What About Sex

    I firmly believe that since Christians are uncomfortable talking about sex, this leads to shame and fear abotu sex, which in turns leads to why there are so many problems with sexual issues in the church today. If we cannot talk about sexual issues out in the open, then sexual issues and temptations can never be dealt with in an open and honest manner.

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